Wednesday, December 7, 2011

jumping juniper, batman!

My two coworkers and I ordered reindeer meat from Anchorage, Alaska today.  I have never had reindeer in my life, but my Norwegian coworker said he ate it every New Year's as a boy...and loves it.  So four clicks later, we had placed a group order for cubed reindeer meat.  And a few more clicks later, I found a recipe for Finnbiff - reindeer stew from Norway, perfect for long, cold winters.

Since winters in San Francisco are not exactly freezing, it's a bit luxurious to have such a rich dish.  But I have several willing guinea pigs for this upcoming food experiment, so Finnbiff it is!

Question for all you fabulous foodies out there...where does one buy fresh juniper berries in San Francisco?

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