Monday, September 12, 2011

pinot days: harvest.

our bounty

 I can't write about this day without mentioning LB (he absolutely dreads when I write about him), but really, I am so very proud of him for pursuing his dream of making wine.  This photo set marks the second harvest that he put together for his Pinot Noir.  We gathered twice as many people as last year and rallied to head out to the Sacramento Delta at 5am, and everyone got busy to pick about three-quarters of a ton of grapes!  Now comes the part where I won't see LB for a while unless I go visit him...he will be buried in his cave, analyzing and adjusting.

grape inspection

get right in there!

he needed to rest

not my best look.

To view last year's book of photos, click here!


  1. :) looks like so much work, but so fun too.

  2. It is a ton of work! But we had a nice crew of 10 people or so, and it went much faster than last year :)


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