Monday, June 20, 2011

apéritif: pastis, a french favorite

courtesy of  abbepu via flickr

Jules and I share a few things in common – an appreciation for Japanese anime, really good food, Josh Groban (shh, don’t tell him I told you) – and the southern France drink of choice – pastis (usually with a little orgeat mixed in, making it a mauresque).

This anise-flavored liqueur (a cousine of absinthe) is traditionally mixed with ice and a little bit of water to make a light and refreshing beverage that people in the southeast of France (Provence) drink all the time.  I didn’t really know about it until I watched Le Divorce, where Glenn Close’s character shows Kate Hudson’s character how to prepare a Ricard.  I was curious, so I ordered one at a bar – and loved it. 

Yesterday was a very warm 78 degrees in Oakland (I think it was really more like 90 degrees, despite what my iPhone told me), and that, compounded with the poor air circulation (for once, it wasn’t windy) and the fact that I was standing over a stove for nearly two hours, which was located next to a steamy dishwasher….perfect pastis weather!  

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